Base Camp Cafe – Mazomanie WI

“Base Camp exists to welcome, affordably feed, and create a lasting imprint on our visitors” ~ Base Camp’s mission statement


Base Camp Cafe

Located in downtown Mazomaine, Wisconsin, Base Camp is just outside of the Madison area. With reviews on Yelp highlighting their delicious food and friendly staff, Chris and I decided we had to give it a try.

The outside of the building offers a keen sense of history, and rightly so. On the side of the building is a plaque identifying Base Camp’s home as, the previous Schmitz’ Hall, most famously know as the location of the first performance of the Ringling Brothers.


When you walk into Base Camp you are greeted with the friendly smile of the staff and the great historical feel of the building.

The restaurant is set up so that you pick up a menu before you hit the counter. pancakes, french toast, omelets, and a daily quiche are Base Camp’s staples when it comes to breakfast.


Chris and I both opted for omelets which came with a healthy side of hashbrowns. Mine was filled with artichoke, feta, and onions. and had a great ratio of stuffing to eggs. The eggs were fluffy and cooked perfectly. The best part was everything felt very healthy, and not over greased, which can sometimes happen with omelets and hashbrowns.


After breakfast we had to go back to grab one of their delicious looking cookies for a future snack. Homemade, delicious, and only .50 cents. You can’t beat that!


Base Camp was a fantastic breakfast experience with great prices, friendly staff, and great food. Next time you are in the Mazomain area be sure to check out this gem!

Do you have a suggestion for where we eat next? Let us know in the comments below!

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